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NM 3000, Motor System for drilling grinding and polishing

The fi eld of application of the NM 3000 is quite large. It can be used for  grinding, posishing, milling, drilling and so on. The NM 3000 motor system  drives ether a motor with attached handpiece or a motor handpiece and it  is characterized by a consistent power delivery in every speed range. The device is often used in Labs and in the cosmetic industrie and it known for its long product life, easy handling and its robust reliability.The device can be ordered with a On/Off pedal or with a Vario pedal. The maximum speed is presetted with the rotary button.

Handpiece 35

Flexible applicable hand piece with rotating joint chuck for the use of all common tools up to 40’000 rpm. Various different chucks available from  0.55mm – 3.2mm, interchangeable within seconds.

Handpiece 34

Ergonomically and slim designed hand piece with quick release chuck for  efficient and precise working condition up to 40’000 rpm. Standard chuck: Ø 2,35.

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