Tube Anchor

A new and pain-free way to secure IV tubing

About Tube AnchorTM
Tube Anchor has been specifically designed to solve the common problems associated with the fixation of administration tubing. The Tube Anchor attaches comfortably to the skin and grips the tubing, protecting the cannula from the effects of traction and allowing patients to move freely.

Administration tubing is often left unsupported as it is replaced after each infusion. Patient movement tugs directly on the cannula causing it to move in and out of the entry site, increasing the risk of infection and meaning cannulas need replacement.

If administration tubing is taped to the skin,  each time it is changed or the patient needs to dress or wash, the tape needs to be torn off, causing pain and skin damage. Taping also prevents visual monitoring of the entire length of the administration tube and the skin.


For the patient

  • Reduces risk of cannula tear-out and the discomfort of cannula replacement
  • Improves comfort by allowing administration tubing to be released and re-secured without denuding the skin or ripping out hair
  • Improves confidence in cannula security and encourages free movement around the ward

For the ward staff

  • Reduces pump alarms
  • Enhances timely delivery of drugs and fluid
  • Administration tubing visible throughout its length

For the hospital

  • Reduces cost of cannulae and cannula dressings
  • More productive use of nursing time
  • Enhances patient experience and throughput
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