Syringe Decanting / Cleaning and Sterilization


The Tulip Z Stand – Form Follows Function
No Assembly Required • Easy to Clean • Virtually Indestructible

Cleaning and Sterilization


Cannula Cleaning Soft Picks™
Cleaning even the smallest CellFriendly micro injectors is quick, easy and gentle. Guaranteed not to score, abrade or contaminate, Cannula Cleaning Soft Picks are the ideal single-use cleaning solution for smaller diameter cannulas and microinjectors. Autoclavable for use in the sterile field, if desired.


CellFriendly Instrument Cleaning Brushes™
These reusable brushes are the only brushes specially designed to clean CellFriendly Cannulas. The soft nylon bristles clean the lumen without damage to the CellFriendly surface. Use only Tulip brushes and Soft Picks on Tulip cannulas to maintain the CellFriendly benefits.

Tulip Gold Standard Autoclave Trays™
Tulip’s new Gold Standard autoclave trays are custom-designed to protect, house and store Tulip Gold Standard Sets and individual Tulip instruments.

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