Fat Separation and Decanting


Tulip Operating Room Centrifuge
This centrifuge is designed for complete operator protection within budgetminded  O.R.’s. Accurate speeds for specific g-forces give you proper
separations without cell damage and make this unit ideal for Coleman Technique fat processing, prolotherapy and regenerative medicine usage.

This model has variable speeds and accommodates sealed tubes for aerosol

Capacity: 90mL (6 × 15mL).
It has a brushless motor that is
120V US or 240V for EU


Tulip Variable Speed Centrifuge
This centrifuge is the perfect compliment to your CellFriendly tool kit. Accurate speeds up to 3,300rpm/12g’s give you proper separations without cell damage and make this unit ideal for rejuvenation and regenerative medicine procedures.

For laboratory use only.

Tulip Reusable Large Volume Decanting Canisters™
These reusable canisters work with your suction machine to collect, measure, decant and transfer in one simple step. Folding stand for convenient autoclaving and storage.

Available in 5 sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3000ml


Single-Use Large Volume Decanting Canisters™

Tissue-Trans® Filtron Units
3 sizes available 500cc, 1000cc, 2000cc
Closed system with proven filtering and fat viability, no centrifuge needed.


Tissue-Trans® Stands
34” and 52” to raise the sterile field

Tissue-Trans® Mega 1500cc
All material collected in a sterile bag; decant and process in physician’s preferred method.


Tissue-Trans® Syringe FILL 360cc
Harvest fat directly into re-injection syringes. Closed system with no mess or transfers.

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