For Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

The superior biologic matrix made of pure collagen that provides sound support for rapid healing – without inflammation.


Safe, all-natural collagen matrix for rapid healing – without detrimental inflammation
SurgiMend PRS is a superior, acellular biologic matrix designed specifically for plastic and reconstructive surgery. It is derived from fetal bovine dermis, one of the richest sources of Type III collagen available. Type III collagen mediates tissue healing and growth while inhibiting scarring.

SurgiMend PRS is made of pure collagen, has no preservatives, and is free of contaminants, artificial chemical crosslinks, and denatured proteins. It is terminally sterilized – never treated with potentially antigenic antibiotics. As a result, SurgiMend PRS does not elicit a detrimental foreign body inflammatory response upon implantation.

Rapid revascularization for tissue building and support
Intraoperatively, SurgiMend PRS is seeded with the patient’s tissue building cells and growth factors. The microporous matrix is rapidly revascularized to support tissue building and healing. Rapid cell repopulation and revascularization, combined with SurgiMend PRS’s non-inflammatory nature, provides for prolonged reinforcement, making it the best choice for your patients.

Specifically designed for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
SurgiMend PRS was developed to meet the specific needs of Plastic Surgeons. The collagen matrix rehydrates in minutes, is easy to handle and place and is designed with fenestrations to facilitate fluid drainage. SurgiMend PRS comes in multiple unique shapes and sizes.

SurgiMend PRS provides sound support for rapid healing – without inflammation.

  • Superior, acellular collagen matrix derived from fetal bovine dermis rich in Type III collagen
  • Provides sound structural support
  • Pure collagen matrix with no preservatives or antibiotics
  • No artificial / chemical crosslinking
  • Terminally sterilized, safe & consistent
  • Promotes rapid revascularization without detrimental inflammation, for prolonged reinforcement
  • Fenestrated to help drain fluids
  • Multiple unique sizes and shapes
  • Superior handling characteristics and minimal preparation time – rehydrates in minutes
  • Room temperature storage, five-year shelf life

SurgiMend PRS handles like natural tissue.

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