Integrated Valve Tissue Expanders

  • Large integrated magnetic injection port with self sealing technology and needle stop
  • Reinforced base layer to insure unidirectional expansion
  • Unique device identification
  • Unique, re-usable and ergonomically shaped external location device enabling efficient valve detection
  • Complements The Matrix by Eurosilicone range of implants
  • Unique set of footprint templates to assist surgical planning and expander selection
  • 3 different configurations with 16 different variations
  • Anatomical shape, textured
  • Re-usable External Locating Device
  • Integrated injection site with self-sealing technology which helps to facilitate the transfer of saline solution from the needle to the product

All device dimensions correspond to the suggested volume.

Eurosilicone Integrated Tissue Expanders must be filled with a sterile isotonic solution only.

A 21 gauge standard bevel hypodermic needle must be used in order to inflate the device through the injection site.

External Location Device
Can be ordered separately
Product code: ELD


Remote Valve Tissue
Expanders are available in
5 different configurations

  • Round shape, smooth
  • Rectangular shape, smooth
  • Cylindrical Curved and Straight shape, smooth
  • Croissant shape, smooth

All device dimensions correspond to the suggested fill volume.

Eurosilicone Remote Valve Tissue Expanders must be filled with a sterile isotonic solution only.

A fill tube is connected to every tissue expander to allow inflation of the device through an injection port.

All Eurosilicone Remote Valve Tissue Expanders with a recommended fill
volume of more than 150cc are provided with a 28mm injection port, smaller volume devices are provided with a 20mm injection port.

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